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Walking the length of the Alps

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Easy hiking, the length of the Alps, for the health of body, mind, and soul.


find out  HOW, WHY, WHEN, and more .. hut to hut to village .. they actually did that .. in retirement ..  

 The Hike


Over six years, about one month at a time, Peter and Gudrun walked the length of the Alps from Nice to Vienna. 1300 miles, 170 days. They found  that hiking in the Alps is wonderfully easy. They slept in beds, ate in restaurants, walked on a safe network of trails, at their own pace. Their back-packs weighed only 15 to 25 pounds and were easy to carry. 


Gudrun observes: "You will want to keep going, naturally, nobody is forcing is just great."  Enjoy nature, but also people, history and culture. It is the opportunity to enrich your own life, to feel healthier and younger! Perfect for non-hikers too.

Notice a solid line and a dotted one? The SOLID LINE is our hike, described in the book. The DOTTED LINE shows that we are on our way back -- to NICE.  Green and Brown Dots - DONE.  White Dots - the Future 2017...

The Book


Paper-back, 172 pages, 7.2" x 9.2", including 150 color photos, 7 map-sketches, daily log, a packing list. Find sources for maps and guide-books, hints on weather, cost, safety, timing, and so much more. More detail? Click "Peek in the Book 1, 2"

ISBN 978-0-9785155-0-8

For Whom is the Book ? 

In Love ?     -                   For him or Her !

Retiring soon?  -            This book is for you !    

NOT a hiker?   -             Perfect for you !

Already long retired?  - for your children!
In rehab after illness? -  A new dream!
Hard at work?    -           Impress your friends!

Or -  just reminisce or dream a little!  


      It is a LOVE STORY - don't miss it      

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